Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship- Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine

Program Director:

Erol Amon, M. D., J.D.
Dr. Amon - Director
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Mailing Address: Dept. of OB/GYN; Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine;
6420 Clayton Rd., Ste. 6520;  
St. Louis, MO 63117
Phone: 314-768-8873 Fax:314-768-8776
Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of anACGME or RCPSC accredited OB/GYN Residency Program . Rarely, exceptionally gifted applicants that satisfy the requirements outlined in the ACGME Program Requirements Section III.A.2.b(please hyperlink words starting at ACGME to A.2.b to will be considered. A  state medical license, DEA, BNDD are REQUIRED..
First year salary: University GME PGY 5 salary.
Number of first year positions 1

Application Deadline: ERAS-May 31

Program Description

Graduating fellows from this program are expected to be well-prepared for a career in academic medicine (teaching, research, scholarly inquiry) and to provide clinical care to patients with complex maternal fetal health problems (consults, comprehensive management). Our program is quite collegial in nature. It is well rounded in that the faculty are experienced board certified specialists that have a wide range of expertise. We provide didactic and practical experience in maternal-fetal physiology and pathophysiology, medical complications, obstetric complications, perinatal diagnosis, and fetal interventions.

Research is important and it is expected that the fellow will complete a first-author  prior to graduation.  There are multiple research opportunities available for fellows; including basic science, fetal intervention, and clinical Maternal Fetal Medicine.

Basis science projects are available in a laboratory to work in collaboration with scientists who have RO1 grants. Their areas of interest include perinatal inflammation including chorioamnionitis; placental and perinatal iron metabolism, microbiome and chronic inflamation, and mechanical ventilation at birth. Additional collaborations can be arranged based on fellow interests.

Fetal intervention projects will be carried out with MFM faculty and members of the Fetal Care Institute (FCI)

Clinical Maternal Fetal Medicine research is carried out by all of our faculty and covers a scope of topics.

As a major maternal and perinatal referral center, we provide educational and clinical perinatal outreach to referring MDs and multiple hospitals encompassing a 150-mile radius. We have a well-developed Diabetes-in-Pregnancy program,  patient safety program, robust quality improvement program, high risk in-patient volume and high-risk out-patient programs, a major fetal evaluation and treatment unit, and we collaborate with perinatal epidemiology in the School of Public Health.  Formal educational rotations in perinatal pathology, genetics, critical care, neonatology, and fetal echo are required. Through the Fetal Care Institute, we work closely with the neonatal division and all pediatric subspecialists.  Attendance at journal club, weekly didactic seminars, and monthly ultrasound/genetics conferences is required.  Additional educational conferences including weekly SMFM fellow lecture series, monthly perinatal pathology and weekly fetal anomaly teaching conferences are encouraged.  Weekly departmental grand rounds are required.  First year fellows will participate in the "Introduction to Academic Medicine" lecture series.  Advanced degrees (e.g. Public Health, MBA) are available through Saint Louis University.


MFM Fellowship Training Program
Morgan Schroeder, Coordinator

Mailing Address:
Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women's Health/Fellowship Program
6420 Clayton Road, Suite 2800  || St. Louis MO 63117
Phone: (314) 768-8873 || Fax: (314) 768-8776