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Resident Research Symposium, yearly

- Teaching rounds (SMHC) daily

GYN Society meeting, yearly

Preop conference, weekly

Oncology Conference, weekly

Gynecology Conference, weekly

Endocrinology Conference, monthly

Core Curriculum, twice weekly

CREOG review courses, monthly

Mortality & Morbidity Conference, weekly

Evidence Based Medicine and Primarey Care Lectures, weekly

Grand Rounds, weekly

Simulation Labs, 4 times year

Cadaver Labs, yearly

Neonatal Resuscitation Training, yearly

Resident Research Conference, yearly

Gyn/Path Conference, weekly

Biweekly Case Discussions in MFM

Monthly Fetal Care Conference

Financial Grand Rounds, yearly

Quartely Perinatal Mortaligy and Morbidity Conferences

Urogynecology lectures, monthly

Animal lab cystoscopy/laparoscopy/ablative techniques

Sexual Dysfunction Course, every other year

Professional and Communication Symposium, quarterly

Sleep deprivation course, yearly

MFM Fellow Conference, weekly

Quality Improvement multidisciplinary meetings, montly

Perinatal mortality, monthly

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