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At the  Center for Endometriosis, recent published studies have shown the potential of complete excision in experienced hands (even without postoperative long term hormonal suppression) to eradicate disease even in teenagers, a traditionally very difficult population to treat with endometriosis.  Ongoing landmark trials are also being performed to further evaluate the value and curative potential of excision in the treatment of endometriosis.  Such research benefits patients by offering patients access to the most cutting edge technology and treatments.

Complete laparoscopic excision of endometriosis in teenagers: is postoperative hormonal suppression necessary?

Ongoing research is being performed evaluating outcomes of excision surgery for endometriosis on pain, quality of life, and fertility, on the development of a non-invasive diagnostic test of screening tool, and on adhesion prevention techniques.

Received 11 December 2010; received in revised form 16 February 2011; accepted 16 February 2011. published online 18 March 2011.