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Salary and Benefits
The 2017-18 salary scale for Residents is as follows:

PGY-I $52,290
PGY-II $52,880
PGY-III $54,308
PGY-IV: $56,248

Malpractice Insurance
Uniforms and laundry
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Hospitals provide on-call facilities and discounted meals

Annual Vacation Leave
Residents will have 1 week of vacation every 4 months (total of 3 weeks per year). Chief residents get one additional week for interviews/conferences and one week at the end for studying for the written Board Exam.

Sick Leave
Residents will have 30 sick leave days per year.

Maternity/Paternity Leave
Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave is available for a negotiated number of working days. This is leave in addition to Annual Vacation and/or Sick Leave.  The programs complies with the regulations set forth by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG).

Bereavement Leave
The Saint Louis University policy on bereavement is three days for immediate family (grandparents, parents, spouse, children, siblings).

Other Leave
Additional leave for Educational Meetings/Conferences may be possible pending circumstances.


The following items are available to Residents:
Call coverage for resident illness
Representation on Major Institutional Committees
Library computerized system to Document Clinical Experience
Assigned Mentor/Faculty Advisor
Career Counseling
Curriculum and Medical-Legal Aspects of End-of-Life Care
Practice Management Seminars
Stress Management Programs
Risk Management/Quality Assurance Seminars
Formal Confidential Grievance Procedures
This program operates primarily in an institution that does not practice abortions due to religious reasons.  However, all residents will receive satisfactory education or experience in managing complications of abortion per the regulations of the Residency Review Committee (RRC).  If a resident chooses to receive further education and experience about performing abortions, arrangements will be made at another institution.

The Program start date is July 1 with orientation starting 2 weeks prior. A start date of January 1 is available only in special circumstances.